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 You might be familiar with my greeting cards, produced under the Indian Hill Press imprint. For over half a decade, I produced a line of greeting cards that eventually were sold through over 600 stores from coast to coast. Every card was written, designed, and letterpress-printed by me. Every card was folded, sleeved, boxed, packaged, shipped and billed by my partner Hal. It was exhausting work, and not nearly as much fun as one might think. We had to stop.

 Released from the demands of card production, I've been able to get back to fundamentals: designing, carving and printing new images which I sell at the summer Vineyard Artisans' Shows at the West Tisbury Grange. I still print greeting cards, but only for local sale on Martha's Vineyard during the summer months. This keeps things small, and helps me maintain my sanity. Please understand that the decision to scale back the card business was a personal and necessary one.

 Hoping not to disappoint our nationwide customers, however, I've entered into a partnership with Tide-mark Press of Windsor, Connecticut. Tide-mark prints my designs using the same high-quality Strathmore paper and old-fashioned letterpress technology I use. Furthermore, they're happy to do what I can't: sell cards on the Internet and through stores.

Please visit Tide-mark's website or contact them for more details:
Tide-mark Vineyard Greetings by Daniel Waters
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