Two poles of magnet teaching plan second grade scientific reflection (two poles of magnet: wonderful attribute! )

Choose from a variety of sizes, flexibly meet the needs of different projects, and provide you with a wide range of highly customizable magnet solutions to meet your diverse needs-Sanen Magnetic Industry.

First, super magnetic force: amazing suction.

The most striking feature of magnet poles is that they can produce extremely strong magnetic force. Take the powerful neodymium magnet as an example. Although the size of the magnets is only a few millimeters or even smaller, they can generate quite strong magnetic force, which can absorb metal objects hundreds of times its own weight.

Super magnetic force is not only of great help to the industrial production process, but also has numerous daily uses, such as adsorbing objects, fixing objects, switches and so on.

Second, accurate size: height can be customized

Two poles of magnet teaching plan second grade scientific reflection (two poles of magnet: wonderful attribute! )

Another important property of magnets is their precise size. Whether it is to meet the application needs of various industries such as electronics, mechanics, aerospace, medicine, chemical industry, etc., we only need to properly adjust the size of the magnet to get the magnet products that meet the needs.

For some special application fields, such as high-performance motors, instruments and meters, permanent magnet drives and other fields, it is necessary to have more fine varieties of magnets to better adapt to various working environments.

Third, high temperature resistance: stable performance

Magnet poles also have high temperature resistance, that is, they can maintain good performance stability in extreme high temperature environment.

In automobile, aviation, energy and other fields, high temperature environment is the norm. High temperature resistance is a very important characteristic for magnet applications in these fields. A good magnet product needs to be able to maintain stable attractive force, magnetic field, etc. at high temperature without losing important properties such as magnetization.

In a word, the wonderful properties of magnet poles are becoming an important part of more and more fields. Magnets play an extremely important role in various applications in electronics, mechanics, medicine, chemical engineering and other fields, as well as in daily life.

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