Will the strong magnet suck the mobile phone (strong magnet will destroy the mobile phone: the truth is revealed)

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Strong magnets will destroy mobile phones: the truth is revealed

With the increasing demand for mobile phones, most people will choose a shell protector to protect their mobile phones. However, when some people use their mobile phones, they often put them near strong magnets, which leads to some problems with their mobile phones. Moreover, some voices think that strong magnets will destroy mobile phones, so is this statement really correct? This paper will reveal the truth whether strong magnets will destroy mobile phones from three aspects: specifications, magnetism and durability.

First, specifications-the influence of the size and specifications of strong magnets on mobile phones

The relationship between strong magnets and mobile phones is actually very subtle. Generally speaking, the larger the size of a strong magnet, the stronger the magnetic field generated. For a mobile phone, if it is too close to the strong magnet, it will be affected by the magnetic field. Therefore, if you don’t want the phone to have problems, please don’t put the phone near a strong magnet.

In addition, the quality of strong magnets is also an important factor affecting mobile phones. Strong magnets with slightly poor quality are often more likely to cause abnormal situations in mobile phones.

Second, the magnetic force-whether the magnetic force of the strong magnet has an impact on the mobile phone?

The magnetic force of strong magnets is another important factor that affects mobile phones. In general, the stronger the magnetic force, the more likely it is for a strong magnet to cause abnormal conditions of the mobile phone. If your mobile phone is in the magnetic range of a strong magnet, it is easy to have some unspeakable problems.

Especially for mobile phone screen, if it is affected by magnetic field, it will cause color difference and color distortion of the screen. Sometimes, even when working in a strong magnetic field, there is no problem with the mobile phone for the time being, but long-term use in a strong magnetic field may have an impact on the circuit board of the mobile phone and cause various problems with the mobile phone.

3. Durability–How much does a strong magnet affect the durability of a mobile phone?

Will the strong magnet suck the mobile phone (strong magnet will destroy the mobile phone: the truth is revealed)

In addition, the influence of strong magnets on the durability of mobile phones can not be ignored. If you put your mobile phone near a strong magnet for a long time, the magnetic field of the strong magnet will have an impact on the accessories such as mobile phone chargers and headphones, resulting in the performance degradation of these accessories.

Therefore, when using mobile phones in daily life, we should try not to put them near strong magnets or use them together, which can not only ensure the normal use of mobile phones, but also prolong their service life.

Will the strong magnet suck the mobile phone (strong magnet will destroy the mobile phone: the truth is revealed)


The influence of strong magnets on mobile phones is extensive and profound, but it is not as devastating as we thought. If we avoid placing mobile phones near strong magnets and choose strong magnets with good quality, we can better protect our mobile phones.

In short, whether for domestic or industrial use, the installation position of strong magnets needs to be extra cautious. If you need to use strong magnets, please keep a certain distance, so as to ensure the normal operation of mobile phones and other electronic devices. Here, it is strongly recommended that you choose regular and high-quality strong magnets to prevent adverse effects on mobile phones or electronic devices.

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