Simple electromagnet mak

Choose from a variety of sizes, flexibly meet the needs of different projects, and provide you with a wide range of highly customizable magnet solutions to meet your diverse needs-Sanen Magnetic Industry.

First, high potential energy products

1. Magnetic force

The magnetic force of high potential energy products is very strong, and the magnetic force can be customized according to the demand, reaching a strong magnetic field of 7000 gauss, which is excellent in practical use. The coil carried by the electromagnet can make the magnet obtain strong magnetism in a specific time, and this electromagnet can be used to manufacture high-performance electronic equipment, such as electronic magnets and electromagnetic suction cups.

2. Size

The high-potential electromagnet is very fine in workmanship, and the size can be customized from small (about 0.5 mm in diameter) to medium (about 20 mm in diameter). The larger the size, it usually means that the electromagnet can convert more energy into magnetic capacity.

3. Durability

High-potential electromagnet is made of heavier metal, which can bear high heat and more energy. This kind of electromagnet can operate normally at high temperature and is very practical for most industrial applications. Moreover, most high-potential magnets have good corrosion resistance, so that they still have stable performance after long-term use.

Second, the epoxy electromagnet

1. Specifications

The material of epoxy electromagnet is very special and can withstand certain corrosion and high temperature. When manufacturing epoxy magnets, powdered epoxy resin will be wrapped around an iron core, and finally an electromagnet product with strong magnetism will be formed.

2. Quality

Epoxy electromagnet has good durability, long service life and strong magnetic force, and can absorb and drag heavier objects.

3, performance brand

The performance brand of epoxy electromagnet is a sign that can indicate how powerful the electromagnet is. In general, the higher the brand number, the higher the magnetic energy and density and the higher the performance.

Third, permanent magnet electromagnet

1, high temperature resistance

Because the permanent magnet does not need to be magnetized directly by current, it can withstand extremely high temperatures without being damaged. Compared with ordinary electromagnets, permanent magnet electromagnets have longer service life and higher energy efficiency.

2. Specifications

Small permanent magnet electromagnets can be customized to be spherical, cylindrical or even square, so they can be applied to various scenes and needs. At the same time, the permanent magnet electromagnet can also customize different magnetic field directions and sizes.

3. Magnetic force

The permanent magnet has tough magnetic force, and the magnetic force with different strength can be customized. Permanent magnet electromagnets can be used in industrial robots, mechanical fields, detectors, automatic manufacturing, refrigerators and other fields.

Simple electromagnet mak


The types of electromagnets are varied due to different application fields and functions. From the magnetism, size and durability of high potential magnets to the specifications, quality and performance grades of epoxy electromagnets, as well as the high temperature resistance, specifications and magnetism of permanent magnet electromagnets, different types of electromagnets can meet the needs of various application scenarios. For this reason, we need to customize different types of electromagnets according to specific needs and usage scenarios to ensure the best function and the longest service life.

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