What’s the use of powerful magnets (multiple applications of powerful magnets)

Choose from a variety of sizes, flexibly meet the needs of different projects, and provide you with a wide range of highly customizable magnet solutions to meet your diverse needs-Sanen Magnetic Industry.

First, the size of the powerful magnet corresponds to the specifications, and the selection is convenient and quick.

A powerful magnet is composed of permanent magnets and ferrite materials. Magnets are widely used in modern technology, daily life and medicine because of their size and shape. The main applications include electromagnets for brakes and machine tools, permanent magnets for motors, suction cups for adsorbers, medical magnets and rust remover for archaeology. According to the needs of different industries, there are many sizes provided by magnet manufacturers, including: 

  • Round: Diameter from 2mm to 200mm.
  • Square and rectangle: sizes range from 5 * 5mm to 100 * 200mm.
  • Arc: parameters such as radius and intersection angle can be customized.

What's the use of powerful magnets (multiple applications of powerful magnets)

Powerful magnets have a wide range of sizes and specifications. You can choose the most suitable size and specifications according to the project requirements, and the selection is convenient and fast.

Second, the strong magnet has strong magnetic strength and strong adsorption.

Strong magnet has strong magnetic force, which is very suitable for applications requiring high-strength bonding. The common powerful magnets are neodymium magnet and ferrite magnets. The strength of magnetic force is usually expressed by magnetic flux density, that is, the strength of magnetic field.

The magnetic strength of neodymium magnet is the highest among all magnets at present, followed by ferrite magnets. Powerful magnets have great attraction, and can absorb various materials such as iron products, plastic products, rubber products and wood products. The strong magnet has super attractive force, which can easily cope with various applications.

Three, the quality and durability of strong magnets, quality and quantity.

Strong magnets have long-term durability and quality assurance, and are suitable for various industrial and daily applications. With the development of production technology and quality control, modern magnets have high quality and stability, and there will be no problems such as weakening of magnetic force after long-term use.

Because the outer coating of neodymium magnet is not corrosion-resistant, its surface can be treated to improve corrosion resistance, durability and service life. The commonly used coating of ferrite magnets is zinc, which can effectively improve corrosion resistance and ensure the stability and service life of magnets.

Fourth, the performance brand of the powerful magnet can further locate the function.

The performance label of magnets is a standard provided by magnet manufacturers for comparing and selecting the performance of different magnets. Generally, the higher the performance grade of a magnet, the stronger the magnetic force. The performance brands of powerful magnets include: N35, N42, N48, N45, N52 and so on.

Where n means that the type of magnetic material is NdFeB. The number behind represents the strength of magnetic force, and the larger the number, the greater the magnetic force. According to the needs of different applications, the function of magnets can be further positioned by selecting magnets with different properties.

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