How do you spell the magnetic pinyin? )

Magnetism Pinyin is a popular way to name magnets. It is a combination of letters and numbers to express the specifications, magnetism, size, quality, durability, high temperature resistance and other properties and parameters of magnets. Magnets of different models and specifications can be easily distinguished through the pinyin of magnets, which makes it easier for users to choose among projects.

On the website of Sanen Magnetic Industry (, there are various sizes of magnet products for you to choose from, and we also provide you with highly customizable magnet solutions to meet your various needs in different projects.

First, the magnetic force

How do you spell the magnetic pinyin? )

Magnetic force is a very important performance parameter of a magnet, which refers to the intensity of the magnetic field that a magnet can produce. The magnitude of magnetic force can directly affect the use effect of magnets, so in the pinyin of magnets, magnetic force is usually put in the first place to express it.

For example, the Q1 series NdFeB magnet of Sanen Magnetic Industry has a magnetic force level of N52, which means that it can generate a very strong magnetic field and can be widely used in various projects.

Second, the size

Size refers to the size and shape of the magnet, which is also an important factor to pay attention to when buying magnets. In Magnetism Pinyin, the size is usually represented by the English letter T, and can be further subdivided into several parameters such as length, width and thickness.

For example, FC series strong policy magnets of Sanen Magnetic Industry have a size of 12.5mm x 12.5mm x 25.45mm, so they can be widely used in various projects requiring large-size magnets.

Third, durability

Durability refers to the degree of durability of the magnet during use, that is, how long the magnet can withstand and how many times it is used. In some projects, it is necessary to use magnets with high durability.

In pinyin for magnets, durability is usually represented by the English letter B. The higher the B, the stronger the durability, and the more times and time it can be used.


This paper introduces some basic knowledge of magnetic pinyin, and explains it in detail from three aspects: magnetism, size and durability. Of course, it is not enough to introduce the magnet pinyin only from these three aspects. For some more in-depth magnet knowledge and magnet application scenarios, we need to further understand and study.

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