Practical application of that principle of magnet repulsion (practical application of magnet repulsion phenomenon)

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1. Strong magnetic force, widely used in industrial manufacturing.

Magnet repulsion is a phenomenon of interaction between magnets, which is a very key factor in magnet production because of its strong magnetic force. For many industries, especially industrial manufacturing, magnets with strong magnetic force are one of the essential materials, and the common applications are magnetic suction cups, magnet drives, magnetic fixtures, motors and so on. For example, small magnetic suction cups can be used for sheet metal processing, magnetic fixtures can be used for transporting large steel components, and permanent magnets in motors are an important part of driving motors to operate efficiently. In order to meet the needs of these applications, magnet manufacturers usually use advanced materials, such as nickel, cobalt, neodymium, iron and boron, to ensure the best magnetic quality.

Practical application of that principle of magnet repulsion (practical application of magnet repulsion phenomenon)

Second, it has strong durability and is suitable for special working conditions.

In addition to strong magnetic force, the durability of magnets is also a very important factor in the manufacturing process. In some industrial processes, magnets need to withstand extremely harsh conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure and strong magnetic field, so it is necessary to use magnet materials with special properties such as high temperature resistance, pressure resistance, crack resistance and magnetic fatigue resistance. These properties ensure that the magnet works stably in heavy load environment and has a long service life. For example, in the field of space exploration, magnets are used to control the attitude of aircraft. After many launches, they still maintain good working conditions.

Third, small size, used in various consumer electronics.

In addition to industrial manufacturing, magnets are also widely used in consumer electronics. For example, in smart phones, magnets are used to carry induction modules, such as compasses, interactive games, and grating brakes in scanning guns. These applications require magnets with small size, compact package, light weight and high power. Therefore, many magnet manufacturers use high-quality permanent magnet materials and advanced manufacturing technology to produce small magnets that meet the requirements.

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