Magnetic walking wheel (magnetic walking wheel: potential infinite energy)

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Magnetic walking wheel (magnetic walking wheel: potential infinite energy)

First, specifications: details first

Magnetic walking wheel is an essential machine component in the fields of robots, automation equipment, conveyor lines and so on. Specification is the basis for the normal operation of the magnetic walking wheel, and it is also an important basis for designers when using it.

Magnetic walking wheel (magnetic walking wheel: potential infinite energy)

First of all, the magnetic force determines the bearing capacity of the wheel, and the size of the wheel determines the motion stability of the robot. The magic of the magnetic walking wheel is that its size and magnetic force can be adjusted according to the needs of users, which is convenient for users to make various industrial machines such as shelves and carriages according to their own project needs. At the same time, according to different load-bearing requirements, the magnetic walking wheel can provide a variety of specifications and can flexibly meet the needs of various industrial machines.

When designing and manufacturing the magnetic walking wheel, we always put the details in the first place to ensure the quality of the wheel and the best balance between stability and load-bearing capacity, so that users can feel more at ease in use.

Second, the magnetic force: inexhaustible

Magnetic force is the soul of magnetic walking wheel and the key to realize infinite energy. The traditional battery power is limited, and the magnetic walking wheel connected magnetically can not only give full play to the power of the robot, but also solve the problem of energy supply.

How to choose the magnetic force of the magnetic walking wheel? It depends on the load-bearing demand and operating environment of industrial machines. For small transport robots, enough magnetic force can easily meet their load-bearing needs; In the movement of heavy-duty machinery, the magnetic walking wheel can provide strong power support for the operation of the machine. At the same time, it can also be customized to provide appropriate magnetic force according to the needs of customers in different scenes.

With advanced technology and experience, Sanen Magnetic Industry can provide users with the best magnetic force selection scheme in line with their operating environment and load-bearing requirements in the production process of magnetic walking wheels.

Third, durability: high standards.

In industrial machines, magnetic walking wheels not only need to bear the weight of the machine itself, but also spend huge power air locks to cross different terrains and environments. Therefore, the durability of magnetic walking wheels is an important symbol to measure their quality.

The durability of magnetic walking wheel depends on its quality and design. Sanen Magnetic Industry adopts international leading technology and uses high-quality materials to create a magnetic walking wheel with both high hardness and toughness, which is not easy to wear, thus providing customers with the best quality products.

The magnetic walking wheel can also be specially treated for the user’s high temperature, corrosion, acid and alkali environment, so as to further ensure its long-term use.

In short, the magnetic walking wheel can not only provide accurate control and movement functions, but also realize interaction with the outside world and unlimited energy conversion through magnetic transformation. Sanen Magnetic Industry has perfect product specifications, reasonable matching magnetic force, high-quality material selection and high-standard building, and can provide customers with customized magnetic walking wheel solutions that fully match the project requirements. It is a first-class brand integrating high technology, high quality and high standards.

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