Does the strong magnet affect the mobile phone?

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With the development of science and technology, mobile phones have become a necessity in people’s lives. But have you ever wondered if there is a strong magnetic field that affects the quality and performance of your mobile phone when you are answering the phone or using it? This paper will discuss and analyze this problem in detail from three aspects: specification, performance grade and magnetic force.

I. Specifications: Size affects durability.

The size of a mobile phone is one of the important factors to measure its durability. As mobile phones become thinner and more portable, the internal parts of mobile phones become smaller and smaller, and the magnetic components become smaller and smaller. In this way, mobile phones are more susceptible to certain magnetic fields and have an impact on electronic components. Therefore, from the very beginning, the mobile phone market began to innovate the specifications and sizes, making it more suitable for the different needs of users. And such innovation has become an important standard whether the mobile phone can withstand the high magnetic field environment.

Second, magnetic force: the magnetization direction will affect electronic components.

Does the strong magnet affect the mobile phone? Zhihu (Will the mobile phone be affected by the strong magnetic field? )

Under the fixed magnetic field, if the magnetization direction of electronic components in the mobile phone is the same as that of the magnetic field, then this magnetic field will affect the correct operation of electronic components and cause failures. This failure is due to the fact that the original magnetic flux direction of magnetic components is forced to change by the external magnetic field, which leads to the interference of the normal work of components. When a fault occurs in electronic equipment, it is very easy to infer that the magnetic field is the culprit. For the electronic component design department, it is necessary to deal with the magnetization direction of electronic components reasonably and reduce the influence of external magnetic field.

Third, performance brand: choose high-quality materials to improve high temperature resistance.

The material of the fuselage not only affects the appearance, feel and weight, but also directly affects the durability of the mobile phone. In the face of strong magnetic field, the choice of fuselage material becomes more and more important. Materials with high performance brands, such as common mode choke, signal sensors, magnetic components, etc., will be relatively prominent in high temperature resistance, which can well ensure the reliability and long life of magnets. In the manufacture of mobile phone shell, if the high-temperature resistant material is selected for fuselage processing and the exposed area of magnet is reasonably controlled, the influence of magnetic field on mobile phone can also be avoided.

In short, the quality and performance of mobile phones are affected by many factors. For users, they should choose the appropriate specifications of mobile phones according to their actual needs; For mobile phone designers and manufacturers, appropriate measures should be taken to make them more suitable for use in high magnetic field environment. In this regard, Sanen Magnetic Industry specializes in providing all kinds of magnet products, solutions and technical support services. High-quality materials, combined with years of experience and technology, can provide highly customizable magnet solutions.

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