Make a car based on the principle that like magnets repel and opposite magnets attract. )

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Using magnetic principle to make cars has become one of the important applications in the field of science and technology. The magnetic principle of repulsion and attraction has been widely used in vehicle braking system, which can improve braking performance, reduce energy loss and heat release. The key factors such as specifications, magnetism and durability will be introduced in detail below.

I. Specifications

The specifications of the magnetic braking system vary from car to car. According to the requirements of braking system, we can provide magnets with various specifications, including customized requirements in diameter, length and thickness. In addition, we can also provide a variety of specifications such as the shape, material and distribution of magnets according to customer needs. Our professional technical team can design magnets according to the needs provided by customers and provide high-quality after-sales service.

Make a car based on the principle that like magnets repel and opposite magnets attract. )

Second, the magnetic force

Magnetic force is one of the important indexes to measure the quality of magnets. For magnetic braking system, strong magnet can not only improve braking force, but also reduce energy loss. Our products are made of high-quality neodymium magnet, and the strength can reach 35-55MGOe. Under high-speed braking, the magnetic braking system can provide very stable braking force. In addition, the magnetic braking system is small and light, which is more suitable for the application of new energy vehicles such as electric vehicles.

Third, durability

Make a car based on the principle that like magnets repel and opposite magnets attract. )

Durability is an important criterion to measure the reliability of braking system. Our magnet braking system adopts special treatment technology under high temperature and high heat load, which can maintain its performance under high-speed braking, thus improving the reliability and safety of the system. Our magnet can withstand high temperature and high heat load, and its performance will not decrease with the increase of temperature, so it has a long service life.

Recommendation 1: The magnetic force is evenly distributed.

Whether the magnetic force distribution of the braking system is uniform or not has a great influence on its braking effect. We advise customers to keep the magnetic force evenly distributed when designing the braking system, so as to improve the braking effect and safety.

Recommendation 2: Select the brand of quality assurance magnet that has been tested.

When selecting magnets, customers are advised to choose tested and quality-guaranteed magnet brands to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the braking system. At the same time, when we use magnets, we need to carry out strict quality control and testing.

Recommendation 3: Give priority to advising manufacturers to provide after-sales service.

We advise customers to give priority to magnet manufacturers that provide after-sales service when choosing magnet braking systems, so as to ensure the effect and safety of customers’ later use. At the same time, in order to improve the operability and maintainability of the products, we suggest that customers standardize and modularize the design of the brake system during the design and manufacturing process, so as to facilitate the operation and maintenance of relevant departments.

In short, using the magnetic principle to make cars: repel each other and attract each other! Our magnet braking system has a wide application prospect, and our technical team will provide customers with high-quality magnet solutions and after-sales service, and provide customers with efficient and safe vehicle solutions.

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