Two poles of magnet courseware (two poles of magnet: core breakthrough)

Flexible response to different projects, highly customizable magnet solution

Two poles of magnet courseware (two poles of magnet: core breakthrough)

Magnet poles have always been one of the important materials in various critical applications, and they are widely used, from large machinery to small electronic equipment. According to different project requirements, the specifications, magnetism, size, quality, durability, high temperature resistance and performance brand of magnets need to be customized professionally. Sanen Magnetic Industry is a professional manufacturer that provides highly customizable magnet solutions, providing you with magnet products that meet many needs.

First, specification customization

The specification of magnet is an important consideration in manufacturing, and different applications require different magnet specifications. To solve this problem, Sanen Magnetic Industry provides a variety of size choices, which can be customized according to different project requirements. Different specifications from micron level to centimeter level can be provided to meet different demand ranges. Through professional and precise technical production, we can ensure that the customized specifications are very accurate and perfectly suitable for various application scenarios.

Second, the magnetic force is comparable to the top.

Magnetic force is one of the most important quality indexes of magnets. For some specific applications, it is necessary to have stronger magnetic force to meet the requirements. The magnetic force of the magnets in Sanen Magnetic Industry is very strong, which can rival the magnetic products produced by top manufacturers. This quality assurance is very important for high-demand projects. Not only that, Sanen Magnetic Industry can also customize the production of magnetic force according to the actual needs of customers.

Third, the size customization

Because different projects have different actual needs, it is very important to customize the size of magnets. Sanen magnetic industry can provide more accurate size customization services according to the needs of different applications. This can not only maximize the performance of the magnet, but also better play the effect of the product. Whether it is large machinery or small electronic equipment, it can be suitable for different size customization.


As a professional magnet solution provider, Sanen Magnetic Industry provides a wide range of highly customizable magnet products, which can accurately meet the needs of different projects. The specifications, magnetism, size and other aspects of magnet products can be accurately customized according to the needs of customers to meet a wide range of diverse application scenarios. If you need to customize magnet products, Sanen Magnetic Industry will be one of the most trusted partners.

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