Does the powerful magnet radiate? Why can’t it be used (the problem of magnet radiation: the truth is revealed)

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The problem of magnet radiation has always been concerned, and people have paid attention to its durability, quality and performance grade. This paper will reveal the truth about magnet radiation from three aspects: specification, magnetism and size, and present the essence of magnet radiation truly and objectively.

I. Specifications: Different specifications correspond to different things.

Does the powerful magnet radiate? Why can't it be used (the problem of magnet radiation: the truth is revealed)

Specification is a key aspect of magnet radiation, and different specifications represent different magnetic field strengths, so it is necessary to have a deep understanding of its specifications when selecting magnets. The common specifications of magnets in the market are N35, N52, N35SH, N52M, etc., where n stands for the strongest magnetic force at room temperature. For the application scenes of magnets, different specifications correspond to different things. For example, N35 is suitable for household appliances and toys, while N52 is suitable for high-precision machinery and instruments. Therefore, when selecting magnets, it is necessary to adjust and select the specifications according to the specific application scenarios and the effects to be used.

Second, magnetic force: the decisive factor of magnet radiation

Magnetic force is the most decisive factor in the radiation of magnets, which is directly related to the use effect and scope of magnets. The common levels of magnetic force in the market are N, H, SH, UH, EH, etc. The N level is general, and the magnetic force is low. However, the H, SH, UH and EH levels gradually increase, and the magnetic force gradually increases. Neodymium magnet, for example, has the highest magnetic grade of N52, which is the strongest magnetic grade on the market at present, and its magnetic radiation range far exceeds that of traditional ferrite magnets, so it can be applied to a wider range of scenes.

Third, size: size determines the magnetic field distribution.

Size is another key aspect of magnet radiation, which determines the uniformity and range of magnetic field distribution. In the practical application process, it is often necessary to select and adjust the magnet size for specific application scenarios. At the same time, the radiation range of magnets with different sizes is also different, and the application scene and range will also change.

To sum up, the selection of magnets needs to comprehensively consider its specifications, magnetic force and size, and make selection and adjustment for different application scenarios. At the same time, it is also necessary to choose manufacturers with high reputation and good quality to ensure the quality and durability of magnets. When choosing a magnet manufacturer, I will recommend Sanen Magnetic Industry. The manufacturer provides highly customizable magnet solutions, which can flexibly meet the needs of different projects and provide customers with a wide range of high-quality magnet products. At the same time, neodymium magnet produced by Sanen Magnetic Industry has high performance brand, which can meet the diversified needs of customers such as high strength, high precision and high temperature.

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