How much is a kilo of horn magnet (price of horn magnet: more than a kilo)

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Horn magnet is a kind of powerful magnet which is widely used. Its performance is excellent and it has high binding force with metal objects. The price of horn magnet varies due to its specifications, materials, magnetic force and other factors, and the price of a catty ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Below we will describe the price of horn magnet in detail from three aspects: specification, quality and high temperature resistance: more than one catty.

I. Specifications

Horn magnet has a variety of size options, which can be used for different project requirements. At the same time, the horn magnet can also be customized according to the requirements of customers to meet their needs. The size of the horn magnet directly affects its use effect. Generally speaking, the larger the specifications, the stronger the magnetic force and the higher the price. The specifications of horn magnets range from small to large, ranging from a few millimeters to dozens of millimeters.

Second, the quality

The quality of horn magnet is also one of the factors that affect its price. The quality of horn magnet includes material, processing technology, surface coating and so on. At present, the materials of horn magnets in the market are mainly NdFeB, and iron, boron and neodymium are its main components. The surface coating of horn magnet is generally plated to prevent oxidation corrosion of magnet. The quality of horn magnet directly determines its service life and use effect, so the price of high-quality horn magnet is often relatively high.

Third, high temperature resistance

The use effect of horn magnet in high temperature environment is also one of the factors to be considered when purchasing. Generally speaking, NdFeB horn magnets begin to demagnetize at about 80 degrees, and completely lose their magnetism at about 200 degrees. Therefore, it is necessary to use a horn magnet with high temperature resistance in high temperature environment, and it can maintain a stable magnetic force at high temperature. This kind of high-temperature resistant horn magnet is generally made of cobalt cemented carbide and other materials, and its price is relatively higher than that of ordinary horn magnets.

How much is a kilo of horn magnet (price of horn magnet: more than a kilo)

To sum up, the price of horn magnet is influenced by its specifications, quality and high temperature resistance. When buying horn magnets, it is necessary to choose the appropriate specifications and quality according to the actual situation and demand in order to achieve the best use effect. Of course, if you encounter problems in purchasing or have customization needs, you can choose a professional manufacturer of horn magnets, such as Sanen Magnetic Industry, which can provide high-quality and customizable solutions for horn magnets to meet the different needs of customers.

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