How to install the magnet tire (guide to the installation of magnet tire)

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1. Specifications: What specifications are suitable for you?

There are various specifications of magnet-vane tires, and different specifications of magnet-vane tires play a unique role in different projects. Usually, the merchants will describe the specifications of the magnet tire through the dimensions and load-bearing capacity, and you need to choose the corresponding specifications according to the actual needs of the project. If it is used in a place with a large weight, we should try our best to choose a magnet tire with stronger load-bearing capacity in the selection of specifications to ensure safety; And the light load place can be used relatively freely.

How to install the magnet tire (guide to the installation of magnet tire)

Second, magnetic force: how to choose the magnetic force value?

Magnetic force is one of the most important properties of magnet tire, and the strength of magnetic force determines whether the magnet tire can be firmly adsorbed on the iron surface. Generally speaking, the greater the magnetic force, the stronger the adsorption force of the magnet tire, but the excessive magnetic force will also bring unnecessary trouble to the user. Therefore, when selecting the magnetic force, it is necessary to select the appropriate magnetic force value in combination with the actual situation.

3. Durability: How to ensure the durability of the magnet tire?

How to install the magnet tire (guide to the installation of magnet tire)

The durability of magnet tire is one of the important indexes to measure its service life and cost performance, and it is also a very key consideration for buyers. It should be noted that durability, load-bearing capacity, magnetism and other aspects are related to the gods, and reasonable use and daily maintenance are also important guarantees to ensure the durability of magnet tire. Measures such as choosing products with good reputation from merchants as much as possible, rational use and regular inspection of the fit of magnet tire can also effectively improve its durability.

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