What is a high-temperature magnet above 200 degrees (high-temperature magnet above 200 degrees! )

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Specification advantage

High temperature resistant magnets have a wide range of specifications and can meet the needs of different occasions. Generally, the specifications range from 6 mm to 50 mm in diameter, from 5 mm to 100 mm in length, and from hundreds of grams to several kilograms in magnetic force, and can be customized according to the specific needs of customers to meet different application scenarios.

Strong magnetic force

The magnetic force of high-temperature resistant magnet is very strong, and it can work stably under the interference of high-temperature anti-magnetic field. Generally speaking, the strength value can reach more than 4000 gauss, which can achieve a large magnetic adsorption force, making it an indispensable material for making magnetic articles.

What is a high-temperature magnet above 200 degrees (high-temperature magnet above 200 degrees! )

Excellent durability

High temperature resistant magnets have achieved very high durability due to the improvement of raw material quality and production technology. It can not only work in cold environment, but also withstand high temperature roasting. Not only that, it can maintain the original magnetic force in various environments such as water, oil and oxidized acid, and has a long service life.

High temperature resistance

The temperature range of the high-temperature magnet ranges from 200℃ to 250℃, and it can maintain strong magnetism at high temperature. The reason is that the crystal structure of magnet materials is unstable at high temperature, which leads to the change of magnetization direction and magnetic moment. The high-temperature resistant magnet adopts high-purity magnetic materials and high-quality manufacturing technology to improve the stability of crystal structure and enhance the overall thermal stability of the material.

Performance brand advantage

What is a high-temperature magnet above 200 degrees (high-temperature magnet above 200 degrees! )

There are many performance brands of high-temperature resistant magnets. Just take N35, N38 and N42 as examples, they all have different performance parameters and application scope. Among them, N35 is a high-energy magnet at low temperature, which is mainly used in occasions where super magnetic force is needed. N38 is a high-performance magnet, suitable for roller bottle, toys, gifts and other occasions. N42 is a super-strong and high-performance magnet, which is suitable for automobiles, motors, medical treatment and other occasions. Therefore, customers can choose different performance brands according to their needs, and get high-temperature magnets that are more in line with their own needs.

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