What’s with the magnet behind the mobile phone? (There is a magnet behind the mobile phone: wonderful discovery! )

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The structure of mobile phone is becoming more and more complex, and various sensors and accessories are layered in it, which makes the mobile phone more intelligent. But have you ever noticed the magnet behind the phone? Magnets can not only be matched with various magnetic accessories, but also be used in some wonderful occasions. This paper introduces the magic of the magnet behind the mobile phone from three aspects: specification, durability and performance grade.

I. Specifications

The specifications of mobile phone magnets vary from phone manufacturer to phone manufacturer. The most common specification is a 6*1.5mm square magnet. Where 6mm represents the width of the magnet and 1.5mm represents the thickness of the magnet. However, in recent years, major manufacturers have introduced magnets of different sizes, which can be used in different occasions. In addition, the shape and length of the magnet have also been changed to meet different attachment connection requirements.

Second, durability

The durability of mobile phone magnet is very important, because it needs to bear the gravity and friction of various accessories. Most mobile phone magnets are made of neodymium magnet, which is one of the strongest permanent magnet materials at present, with excellent magnetic force and long service life. Neodymium magnet can customize the magnetic force with different strength according to the needs, which has high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. With the extension of the service life of the mobile phone, the magnetic force will not be obviously attenuated.

Third, the performance brand

The performance grades of mobile phone magnets mainly include the following indicators:

What's with the magnet behind the mobile phone? (There is a magnet behind the mobile phone: wonderful discovery! )

1. Magnetic energy product: refers to the magnetic energy of a material under the action of an external magnetic field. The greater the magnetic energy product, the stronger the magnetic force, and the more suitable it is to make magnets.

2. Coercive force: refers to the magnetic field strength required for the magnetization of a material under the action of a magnetic field. The higher the coercive force, the smaller the interference to the external magnetic field.

3. Coercive temperature coefficient: refers to the degree to which the magnetic properties of materials change with temperature. The smaller the temperature coefficient, the better the stability of magnetic properties.

When choosing mobile phone magnets, it is necessary to choose appropriate performance brands according to actual needs to ensure the long-term stability and service life of magnets.

To sum up, although the magnet behind the mobile phone is small, it has a wide range of application scenarios and important functions. When choosing a mobile phone, you can pay attention to whether it is equipped with a magnet to make full use of this function. If you need to customize magnets, you can choose suitable specifications and performance brands to improve the applicability and service life of magnets.

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