What is the principle of magnet? Grade two (magnet: the mystery of adsorption)

In modern life, magnets have become an indispensable part of daily life. Magnets are needed for industrial products such as household goods, medical equipment and scientific research instruments. One of the most important factors is the adsorption force of the magnet. In this paper, we will introduce the mystery of the adsorption force of magnets from many aspects.

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First, the magnetic force

What is the principle of magnet? Grade two (magnet: the mystery of adsorption)

Magnetic force is an important index of magnet. The stronger the magnetic force, the heavier the objects that can be adsorbed. Generally speaking, the magnitude of magnetic force is determined by the size, shape and material of the magnet. Among them, the quality of magnet material has the greatest influence on the magnitude of magnetic force. Generally, NdFeB is used as the magnet material, which is characterized by high strength, good corrosion resistance and good electrical performance. Different brands of NdFeB materials have different magnetic forces, so when choosing magnets, you should choose the brand that suits your needs.

Second, the size and quality

The size and quality of magnets are also important factors that affect the magnetic force. Generally speaking, the bigger the magnet, the greater the magnetic force. The quality of the magnet directly affects the life and use effect of the magnet. Therefore, when we choose magnets, we should consider the size and weight of the objects we need to absorb to choose magnets with appropriate size and quality.

Third, high temperature resistance

The application range of magnets will be affected by the ambient temperature. If the magnet is used in a high temperature environment, the magnetic force will weaken, so the high temperature resistance is an important magnet index. Generally speaking, the highest working temperature of conventional magnet materials is about 80℃-200℃, while the working temperature of high-temperature magnet materials (such as SmCo and AlNiCo) can reach above 400℃.

In a word, the adsorption force of magnet is determined by many factors. When choosing magnets, you need to weigh and choose according to your own needs in order to get the most suitable magnet solution.

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