Simple method for separating strong magnets (disassembling strong magnets: simple and easy method)

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With the development of modern science and technology, the fields of using magnets are more and more extensive. Magnets are found in industry, medical care and life. Strong magnets can bring people a lot of convenience, but when they are removed, they will encounter many difficulties. Focusing on "Dismantling Strong Magnets: Simple and Easy Method", this paper will help you from the aspects of specifications, quality, durability and performance grades.

I. Specifications

There are various specifications of strong magnets, such as 5mm, 10mm and 15mm in diameter, and there are also strong magnets with rectangular planes. According to the requirements of different sizes, you can freely choose the appropriate size for discharging, and you can also customize the corresponding strong magnet specifications according to the size. Mass-produced strong magnets have corresponding specifications, which can be purchased directly or customized for special needs.

Second, the quality

Quality is an important consideration when choosing a strong magnet. There are many kinds and brands of strong magnets in the market, but the quality cannot be guaranteed. When choosing strong magnets, it is recommended to choose well-known brands and guaranteed products, or to buy products with guaranteed quality. Generally, good brand magnets have been tested for durability and applied force to ensure their service life and use effect.

Simple method for separating strong magnets (disassembling strong magnets: simple and easy method)

Third, the performance brand

The performance grade of a magnet is the expression of its magnetic force. Magnets with large magnetic force are often more difficult to disassemble and need the assistance of special tools. Therefore, when selecting strong magnets, different performance grades should be selected according to the required magnetic force and the use environment. Common performance grades are N, S, M, H, SH, UH, etc., among which UH is the highest grade and has the strongest magnetic force, but the corresponding price is also more expensive.

Fourth, durability

The durability of a strong magnet refers to its ability to be used for a long time in different environments. The working temperature of strong magnets is often very high, so it is necessary to keep the working temperature range for normal use. If it is used in high temperature or other harsh environment for a long time, the strong magnet is easy to be damaged or lose its performance. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the working temperature range of the strong magnet and choose the appropriate strong magnet material according to the actual use environment.

V. Disassembly method

Dismantling the strong magnet is not a simple matter. When removing the strong magnet, special tools and careful operation are needed. Common disassembly methods include: using pressure to absorb another strong magnet, and making it out of its original position with the help of another magnet. You can also use nails, screws and other objects on the wall to remove them at a suitable angle and position.

VI. Matters needing attention

1. When removing the strong magnet, you need to wear gloves or wrap the magnet with articles such as towels to avoid injury.

Simple method for separating strong magnets (disassembling strong magnets: simple and easy method)

2. When the strong magnet is removed, it should be placed in a place where it is not easy to absorb impurities (such as dust, etc.), so as to avoid the influence of foreign objects attached to the magnet on the use effect.

3. When removing the strong magnet, it shall meet the relevant national environmental protection standards and shall not harm the environment and the interests of others.

In a word, it is necessary to pay attention to safety and operating procedures when removing strong magnets, and choose appropriate specifications and brands according to the use requirements to ensure the use effect and service life. As a well-known brand, Sanen Magnetic Industry can provide you with strong magnets with different sizes, different performances and reliable quality to meet your diverse needs.

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