How to divide the two poles of a magnet (magnetic pole classification: magnetic distinction is simple and clear)

Flexible and highly customizable magnet solutions for different projects have always been a hot topic in the magnetic materials market, so the development of magnetic pole classification schemes has become inevitable. Magnetic pole classification-magnetic distinction is simple and clear, which meets different needs as well as market needs. In this paper, the classification scheme of magnetic poles will be described in detail, and the magnet products will be described in detail around three key factors: specification, magnetic force and size.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the magnet market needs highly customizable product solutions, so the requirements of different projects are different for the size of magnets. Therefore, the magnet products produced by Sanen Magnetic Industry can flexibly meet the needs of different sizes, thus meeting the differentiation of market demand. Starting from the process, Sanen Magnetic Industry can produce three-sided milling, drilling and milling and other processing methods with various size requirements. Welcome to inquire about Sanen Magnetic Industry for more free services and product customization.

I. Specifications —— Detailed interpretation of common specifications of magnetic pole classification

For the specifications in magnetic pole classification, it mainly refers to the product model, technology, material and other specifications and parameters of magnets. The product specifications of Sanen Magnetic Industry are various, such as N35, N48, N50 and N52 of NdFeB series. Specifically, in addition to the common square, circular, fan-shaped and nail-shaped, it also has a variety of shapes such as cylindrical, rectangular and parabolic. If special shapes need to be customized, Sanen Magnetic can also be processed by different surface treatment methods.

Second, the magnetic force-one of the important parameters of magnetic force.

Magnetic force is one of the most important parameters in magnet products, which determines the magnetic field intensity generated by magnets. The value of magnetic force is usually expressed by Gauss or Tesla. According to the needs of different projects, Sanen Magnetic Industry also has different choices in the magnitude of magnetic force. For example, under the demand of high magnetic force, it can choose oxide magnets or neodymium magnet. For the magnetic force under the conventional requirements, the steel oxide magnet material can be selected.

Three, size-magnetic pole classification, the choice of different sizes

The size of magnet product is a very important parameter, which has a direct relationship with the range and intensity of magnetic field generated by magnet. When customizing the size of the magnet, it is necessary to consider the practical application occasions, especially some occasions limited by space. However, Sanen Magnetic Industry is flexible in the customization of size, and can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

How to divide the two poles of a magnet (magnetic pole classification: magnetic distinction is simple and clear)

In addition to the above three key factors, there are many other factors in the magnetic pole classification scheme, such as quality, durability, high temperature resistance, performance grade and so on. Sanen Magnetic Industry will devote itself to providing high-quality products and services, and create a one-stop supply chain service for you to meet customers’ higher-level and more diversified needs.

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