Ceramic magnet material: the most commonly used permanent magnet at present

Ceramic magnet is a widely used permanent magnet material with good cost performance and many advantages. The following are some key points about the introduction and application of ceramic magnet materials:

1. Manufacturing method: Ceramic magnets are mainly manufactured by sintering, injection molding, extrusion or calendering. Among them, sintering is the most common manufacturing method, and high-density magnet materials can be obtained.

2. Main raw materials: The main raw materials of ceramic magnets are iron oxide and strontium carbonate. These materials undergo chemical transformation at high temperature to form ferrite materials. Because of the low cost of raw materials, ceramic magnets have become the most commonly used permanent magnets.

3. Advantages:
–Affordable with a good balance between performance and affordability.
–It is not easy to demagnetize, and can maintain the magnetization state for a long time.
–Multipolar magnetization can be realized, which is suitable for different application requirements.
–It has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to rust.

4. Disadvantages:
–The material is hard and fragile and needs to be handled carefully to avoid breakage.
–The magnetic properties decrease linearly with the increase of temperature, and the applicable temperature range is limited.

5. Application areas:
Ceramic magnets are widely used in electroacoustic, telecommunication, watt-hour meter, voice coil motor, memory element, microwave element and other fields.
–It plays an important role in recording, image information tapes, computer magnetic storage devices and fare settlement magnetic cards.

Ceramic magnet material: the most commonly used permanent magnet at present

6. Surface treatment: Ceramic magnets are basically inert materials and do not need special surface treatment. However, for cleaning and protection, various epoxy coatings can be applied.

Please note that special care should be taken when handling ceramic magnets, because they have high hardness and brittleness and are easily broken. Proper operation and protection are essential to maintain its performance and integrity.

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