What is the English name of magnet (English name of magnet and its application)

Flexible response to different projects, highly customizable magnet solution

Magnets are materials that generate magnetic fields and attract iron, nickel, cobalt and other substances. The English name of a Magnet is magnet. The application of magnets is not only in daily life, but also widely used in medical treatment, electronics, machinery manufacturing, automobiles, aircraft and other fields. In the following, we will introduce the application of magnets and three key factors from various dimensions, magnetic strength, quality and temperature.

First, a variety of size choices

Sanen Magnetic Industry provides you with personalized solutions for magnet size, including shape, size, thickness and other aspects. No matter how big, heavy and thick magnets you need, we can provide corresponding products and services. For example, we can produce conventional rectangular magnets as small as 1 mm to as large as 500 mm, and we can also produce customized irregular magnets for you to meet the needs of your project.

Second, the magnetic strength

Magnetic strength is an important index to measure the performance of magnets, which requires different magnetic strength in different applications. Sanen magnetic industry can produce magnets with different magnetic strength according to customer’s needs. Some applications require a very high magnetic force, while others require a lower magnetic force. Our magnets can have different magnetic grades, from N35 to N52. If you need higher magnetic strength, we can also produce customized magnets to meet your needs.

Third, quality

The quality of a magnet is as important as its performance. Sanen Magnetic Industry provides you with high-quality magnet products. The quality of the materials used in our magnets is guaranteed, the manufacturing process is strictly controlled, and the products meet international standards, with excellent performance and reliable quality. For mass-produced magnets, our automatic testing equipment ensures that every product meets the standards required by customers. According to different application scenarios, we provide our customers with magnets made of different materials, including iron, cobalt, nickel, aluminum and ceramics.

Fourth, the temperature

Temperature is an important factor in the use of magnets. Sanen Magnetic Industry can provide magnets in different temperature ranges. The materials and manufacturing processes we choose can meet the needs of different temperature environments. For example, our hard ferrite magnet can be used in the environment with the highest temperature of 250℃. For applications where the working temperature exceeds 200℃, we can also provide customized magnets for customers.

What is the English name of magnet (English name of magnet and its application)

To sum up, magnet, as a widely used material, plays a very important role in modern industry. Sanen Magnetic Industry is a professional manufacturer of customized magnets, and we can provide magnets with various sizes, different magnetic strengths, high quality and specific temperature ranges according to customers’ needs. Our solutions can be applied to medical treatment, electronics, machinery manufacturing, automobiles and aircraft. If you need a magnet scheme, please contact our professional team.

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