Can a strong magnet attract a mobile phone? Can it be realized? )

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I. Specifications: Various size choices

Can a strong magnet attract a mobile phone? Can it be realized? )

The sizes of mobile phones are different. To achieve strong magnetic attraction of mobile phones, the sizes of magnets should be diversified to adapt to the sizes and shapes of different mobile phones. Therefore, a strong magnetic attraction magnet scheme suitable for various mobile phones needs to be equipped on all sides and with various sizes and specifications to meet the equipment requirements of different mobile phones.

Recommendation 1: For common mobile phone size selection, it is suggested to design strong magnets with various sizes to meet the needs of various users.

Suggestion 2: Multiple small magnets can be combined to form a large strong magnet to adapt to large-sized mobile phones.

Suggestion 3: Add drilling or veneer to make the magnet scheme closer to the surface of the mobile phone without damaging the overall appearance.

Can a strong magnet attract a mobile phone? Can it be realized? )

Second, the magnetic force: strong.

The scheme of strong magnetic attraction of mobile phone mainly lies in the role of magnetic force. Only when the magnetic force is strong enough can we hold the mobile phone tightly and ensure that the mobile phone will not fall off easily. Therefore, an excellent strong magnetic attraction scheme must be strong enough to ensure that the mobile phone is firmly fixed on the magnet without damaging the surface of the mobile phone.

Recommendation 1: Choose the leading performance brand in the industry to ensure strong magnetic force.

Recommendation 2: increase the magnetic quality to enhance the magnetic force;

Suggestion 3: Optimize the magnetic field distribution by considering the magnetic adsorption range, so as to make the magnetic force more uniform and achieve better fixation effect.

Third, durability: durable and reliable

Mobile devices need to be used for a long time, so the strong magnetic attraction magnet scheme must have lasting and reliable durability to ensure that the mobile phone can be fixed stably for a long time. At the same time, whether the strong magnet scheme is durable and reliable will also have an impact on the wear degree of the mobile phone during its use.

Suggestion 1: Choose materials with high hardness, good corrosion resistance and good durability to improve durability.

Recommendation 2: Note that the functional area of the magnet must be firmly welded, compressed and strengthened by professionals to make it more stable.

Recommendation 3: Increase the thickness of the magnet to enhance its durability and avoid the magnetic attenuation of the magnet during long-term use.

To sum up, the key to realize a strong magnetic mobile phone lies in three aspects: specification, magnetism and durability. It is not enough to have a strong magnet scheme with good specifications, strong magnetic force or long-lasting and reliable durability, but it needs to be considered comprehensively from many aspects to ensure the realization of the goal of strong magnetic attraction of mobile phones. At the same time, the appearance of the mobile phone needs to be considered to ensure that the appearance of the strong magnetic attraction scheme does not affect the beauty of the mobile phone. Under the highly customizable magnet solution provided by Sanen Magnetic Industry, I believe there will also be a strong magnetic attraction solution suitable for everyone, making the mobile phone more practical and convenient.

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