What principle does the magnet use (magnet principle: the secret of adsorption force)

Sanen Magnetic Industry offers a variety of sizes to choose from, providing you with a wide range of highly customizable magnet solutions to meet your diverse needs.

What principle does the magnet use (magnet principle: the secret of adsorption force)

First, the magnetic strength

Magnetic strength is one of the most basic indicators of a magnet, which determines how much attraction a magnet can generate. Magnetic strength is usually measured by Gauss or Tesla. Magnets of the same size, the greater the magnetic strength, the stronger the adsorption force. Of course, the magnetic strength is also affected by many factors such as magnet material and magnetization mode.

The magnetic strength of the magnets provided by Sanen Magnetic Industry has been tested to ensure the quality of the products.

Second, the material selection

Different magnet materials will also have a great influence on the adsorption force. Common magnet materials include iron oxide, neodymium iron oxide, cobalt iron oxide, etc. Their magnetic strength and high temperature resistance are different, so they need to be selected according to specific needs when choosing magnets. For example, magnets that need to be used in high temperature environment need to choose high temperature resistant materials.

Sanen magnetic industry provides a variety of magnet materials to meet the needs of different environments.

Third, the shape and size

The shape and size of the magnet are also important factors affecting the adsorption force. In general, the larger the adsorption area of a magnet, the greater the adsorption force. Different shapes and sizes have their unique advantages in different application scenarios. For example, circular magnets can provide 360-degree attraction, while long magnets are suitable for use in narrow spaces.

Sanen Magnetic Industry provides magnets of various shapes and sizes, which can meet the needs of different projects.


The adsorption force of magnets is influenced by many factors. In addition to the key factors such as magnetic strength, material and shape and size, the quality and durability of magnets also need our attention. Choosing high-quality magnets can not only improve work efficiency and effectiveness, but also ensure the safety of workplaces and personnel.

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