What is the scientific principle of magnets (science of magnets: attraction and repulsion)

Flexible response to different projects, highly customizable magnet solution

First, magnetic force: magnetoelectric force is the force generated by magnetic field, which is divided into attractive force and repulsive force.

As a magnetic object, the most basic property of a magnet is magnetic force. Magnetic force can be divided into attractive force and repulsive force, which can be used and operated according to different situations. Sanen Magnetic Industry provides a variety of magnet specifications with different magnetic forces to meet the needs of different fields and occasions. At the same time, according to the specific needs of customers, different magnetic strengths can be provided based on different usage situations and actual scenes.

1. Strong magnetic force: The magnetic force of most magnet specifications is relatively strong, especially neodymium magnet, which has a high magnetic strength, which can reach about 1200N, and has very stable and reliable performance.

2. Moderate magnetic force: Some fields do not need magnets with high magnetic force, but need moderate strength. Sanen magnetic industry can provide moderate magnetic strength according to the actual needs of customers to meet the different needs of customers.

3. Freestyle magnets: In some special occasions, some freestyle magnets are needed, which can be tailored according to actual needs. Sanen Magnetic Industry can provide more specifications and sizes of freestyle magnets to meet the needs of different fields, occasions and uses.

Second, the size: the size of the magnet is directly related to the efficacy, and different sizes are suitable for different occasions.

The size of a magnet is a direct reflection of the magnetic force. The stronger the magnetic force, the larger the size. The difference of magnet size will affect its application effect, and a deeper understanding can better develop its application prospects. Sanen magnetic industry provides users with magnets of various sizes, and magnets of different sizes are suitable for different occasions, which is convenient for users to choose.

1. Small magnet: Small magnet is suitable for some small equipment applications. The smaller the size, the weaker the magnetic force, and it is suitable for situations with low requirements for magnetic force.

2. Medium-sized magnet: Medium-sized magnet can provide moderate magnetic force, which can meet various application requirements. Medium-sized magnets are usually about twice the size of steel balls and are suitable for various applications.

3. Large magnets: Large magnets are larger in size and can provide greater magnetic force, which is suitable for special occasions, such as large equipment or industrial production equipment.

3. Durability: Whether the magnet can run stably for a long time has a great influence on its application and use effect.

The durability of magnets mainly depends on the quality of materials and processing technology. The specifications of magnets in Sanen Magnetic Industry are made of high-quality materials and advanced production technology, which can ensure the long-term stable operation of magnets. The durability of magnets can be described in detail from the following aspects:

1. Material selection: The magnet products of Sanen Magnetic Industry are made of high-quality materials in strict accordance with relevant standards, and the materials show strong toughness, strength and corrosion resistance, which fully meet the use requirements.

2. Surface coating: Different environments have different effects on magnets. Sanen Magnetic Industry provides a variety of surface coatings, which can resist the corrosion and damage of different environments and prolong the life of magnets.

3. Precision manufacturing: Sanen Magnetic Industry has an advanced automatic production line, which can ensure that the manufactured magnets have precise dimensions and excellent surface treatment, and prolong the service life of magnets.

IV. Conclusion

Generally speaking, magnets have different characteristics, such as different specifications, magnetic force, size and durability. According to different actual scenes and use conditions, magnets with appropriate specifications can be selected to achieve the goal of optimizing the use effect. As a professional manufacturer of magnet equipment, Sanen Magnetic Industry provides a variety of high-quality magnet specifications and sizes, providing users with high-quality and perfect magnet solutions to help users meet the needs of different occasions and different fields.

What is the scientific principle of magnets (science of magnets: attraction and repulsion)

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