Do magnets attract like and repel like?

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Do magnets attract like and repel like?

Magnet is a common magnetic material, and one of its common characteristics is repulsion of the same phase and different phase. This phenomenon makes magnets become indispensable items in many modern lives, such as motors, magnetic doors, magnetic suction cups and so on. There are many kinds of magnets, and the following three factors can be considered when choosing them: specifications, magnetism and temperature resistance.

I. Specifications

The specifications of magnets include dimensions, mass and other aspects. For different project requirements, the specifications of magnets also have different choices. When choosing specifications, we need to consider the shape, size, material and other factors of magnets. When we need to fix parts with special shapes, we can choose strong magnetic square magnets, and when we need to use them for magnetic doors, we can choose thinner but larger magnets. When selecting specifications, we should respond flexibly according to the specific situation to meet the needs of the project.

Second, the magnetic force

Magnetic force is one of the important parameters of magnets, which directly affects the strength and adsorption of magnets. The strength of magnetic force will be influenced by many factors such as the specifications, shapes and materials of magnets. If magnets are needed for adsorption, it is very important to choose a higher magnetic force. For example, when adsorbing large iron pieces, you can choose a stronger magnet. However, for lighter and smaller parts, the magnetic force does not need to be too strong, so you can choose a magnet with smaller magnetic force. Therefore, when selecting magnets, we need to choose the appropriate magnetic force according to the specific use.

Do magnets attract like and repel like?

Third, the temperature resistance

The temperature resistance of a magnet means that the magnet can still maintain its original magnetism in a high temperature environment. For some occasions that need to be used in high temperature environment, such as maglev train and electric car, it is necessary to choose magnets with good high temperature resistance. Generally speaking, ferrite magnets have good high temperature resistance, and the demagnetization rate is extremely low at a certain temperature. However, if it exceeds its temperature tolerance range, the magnetism will be obviously weakened. At this time, it is necessary to choose some special magnets to maintain magnetism in extremely high temperature environment.

To sum up, we can choose magnets as a common magnetic material according to different factors. Specification, magnetism and temperature resistance are several factors that we need to focus on when choosing. Only by choosing a suitable magnet can we give full play to its magnetic characteristics and bring more convenience to our life and work.

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