What is the use of magnetite (multiple uses of magnetite)

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A, magnetic brand

With the rapid development of industry and technology, magnetite is widely used in industrial production. With its unique magnetic properties, magnetite can adsorb metals such as iron, providing reliable help for various production lines and assembly lines. Among all kinds of magnetite, magnetic grade is a very important index and an important standard to measure the performance of magnets. The different brands of magnetic force represent the level of metal adsorption by magnets. The commonly used brands of magnetic force are N, M, H, SH, UH and EH. Choosing different magnetic brands can adjust the weight, size, magnetic force, temperature resistance and other indicators of magnets to achieve appropriate use effects.

1. N-class magnetic grade

N-grade magnetite is a relatively low-grade magnet. Its magnetic force is relatively weak, and its adsorption force is lower than that of M, H, SH, UH and EH. However, it has a wide range of applications and low cost, and is widely used in light industry, medicine, printing, food and other fields.

2. SH magnetic grade

SH-grade magnetite is a medium and high-grade magnetic brand with relatively high adsorption capacity, which is suitable for adsorbing relatively heavy metal materials. SH-class magnetite can withstand the test of high temperature environment and relatively high temperature, and is suitable for occasions with high magnetic requirements, such as the positioning device for iron absorption marks with SH-class magnets, which can achieve the same positioning accuracy as air clamps when clamping workpieces.

3. EH magnetic grade

EH-grade magnetite is a relatively high-grade magnetic brand with strong magnetic strength and relatively stronger adsorption. EH-class magnets have excellent working performance, and they have the same magnetic force, excellent insulation and good corrosion resistance in harsh environments such as high temperature and high pressure, and are suitable for heating equipment such as water heaters and automation industries.

Second, the magnet size and specifications

The size and specification of the magnet is another important consideration when using the magnet. According to the actual demand, the company can provide different types of magnet sizes and specifications to adapt to different production environments and needs. The following are the commonly used magnet sizes and specifications provided by Sanen Magnetic Industry:

1. Rectangular

Rectangular magnets are generally 10×5×3mm, 20×10×5mm, etc., which have strong magnetic force and can adsorb heavy objects on the working platform, greatly improving work efficiency.

2. Arc shape

Arc magnets can be customized according to customers’ requirements. The general specifications are L=40-600mm, A=30-200mm, T=10-50mm(L is the length, A is the width, and T is the thickness), and the vertex angle (A) δ = 15-90. It is suitable for industrial production lines and can be used for hoisting various metal parts.

3. Square

The specifications of square magnets are generally 8×8×2mm, 6×6×2mm, etc. It is suitable for small staplers, printers, copiers and other products, which can make the equipment compact and more beautiful.

Third, the high temperature standard

Application scenarios such as heavy machinery and production lines often involve high temperature environments. To this end, Sanen Magnetic Industry provides magnets with high temperature resistance standards to meet these application scenarios. The magnet with high temperature resistance standard is made of rare earth elements or NdFeB, and its high temperature resistance is stronger than that of ordinary magnets. The conventional specifications can reach 200℃, and the excellent specifications can reach 250℃-350℃. These magnets are widely used in production lines, especially in steel plants, boiler plants and high-temperature electrical appliances.

What is the use of magnetite (multiple uses of magnetite)

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