Which is the pole of the magnet’s two poles (the battle between the two poles of the magnet: the hegemony between the north and the south)

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First, the magnetic force

Magnetic force is an important indicator of magnets, and it plays a vital role in the North-South hegemony. There are usually two methods to measure the magnetic strength of the South Pole and the North Pole magnets: visual measurement and Gauss measurement. Gauss measurement is a more reliable and accurate measurement method. The magnetic index of north and south magnets varies with different magnetic materials. Generally speaking, magnets with ferrite as the main raw material usually have high magnetic strength. In the North-South hegemony, magnetic force is one of the key factors to determine the outcome of magnets, so the magnetic strength is particularly important when choosing magnets.

Second, the quality

The key to the North-South hegemony is who can control the overall situation better, so the quality of magnets is particularly important in this battle. The quality of the magnet affects the performance of various properties of the magnet, such as stability, brittleness resistance and service life. Stability refers to the stable performance of magnets under long-term use and high temperature conditions. Brittleness refers to the ability of magnets to resist vibration and impact. Life is related to the service life of the magnet. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of magnets when purchasing them.

Third, high temperature resistance

Which is the pole of the magnet's two poles (the battle between the two poles of the magnet: the hegemony between the north and the south)

High temperature resistance is another important performance index of magnets in North-South hegemony. Under the condition of high temperature, many magnets will be affected, such as ferrite and permanent magnets, which will have the problem of magnetic force attenuation. Therefore, in order to improve the service life of magnets at high temperature, we need to choose magnet materials that can withstand high temperature. NdFeB has good temperature resistance and is widely used in products at high temperature.


North-South hegemony is not only the arena of magnet performance, but also the display of people’s thinking ability. When purchasing magnets, you should fully consider the key factors mentioned above in order to choose the most suitable magnet solution. As a high-quality magnet manufacturer, Sanen Magnetic Industry has outstanding performance in magnetism, quality and high temperature resistance, which is worthy of your trust and choice.

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