How to spell things with a magnetic stick (spell things with a magnetic stick: unlimited creativity)

Choose from a variety of sizes, flexibly meet the needs of different projects, and provide you with a wide range of highly customizable magnet solutions to meet your diverse needs-Sanen Magnetic Industry.

First, the magnetic strength: unlimited creativity

Magnetic strength is the key to building blocks, building models or hanging photos with magnetic rods. Our company provides a variety of magnetic rods with various sizes from small to large, and adopts the latest technology to ensure the magnetic strength of products, which can easily spell out a variety of shapes.

How to spell things with a magnetic stick (spell things with a magnetic stick: unlimited creativity)

We use rare earth permanent magnet material, which has excellent ductility, stronger magnetic force and more durability.

At the same time, we can provide different brands and specifications of magnetic rods according to different needs and projects to ensure that the magnetic strength is suitable for the needs of the project.

Second, the size is flexible: more possibilities

We not only provide various sizes of magnetic rods, but also can customize them according to the project requirements to better meet the requirements of different projects for magnetic rods. From making all kinds of toys, artworks and even industrial fields, we can use our magnetic rods.

Moreover, our magnetic rods are of high quality, and the works made are more stable and durable, which greatly expands the scope and possibility of use.

Third, high temperature durability: safe and reliable

In some special projects or industrial equipment, it is necessary to use magnetic rods with higher stability in high temperature environment. Our company provides magnetic rods with better stability in high temperature environment, which can maintain magnetic strength in high temperature environment, greatly increasing the safety and reliability of use.

We use high-quality materials to ensure the quality of magnetic rods and their performance in high temperature environment.

To sum up, our magnetic stick spelling scheme is creative, with various specifications, magnetism, size, quality, durability and high temperature resistance. We provide flexible customized solutions to provide the most suitable magnetic rods for different needs and projects. Whether in toys, works of art or industrial fields, our magnetic rods can play the greatest role.

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