What can a magnet attract? (What can a magnet attract? )

Flexible response to different projects, highly customizable magnet solution

First, specifications: diverse in size and powerful in ability.

With the development of science and technology, magnet products are constantly upgrading. Nowadays, there are many kinds of magnets, and the specifications and sizes are more and more extensive. From the smallest needle-sized magnet to the huge hook-shaped magnet, the specifications and sizes can be described as arbitrary. Selectively selecting specifications and sizes according to actual needs not only reduces unnecessary expenses, but also effectively improves the use efficiency of magnets.

Sanen Magnetic Industry is a manufacturer specializing in the field of magnets, producing multi-style, multi-specification and multi-functional magnet products. Our magnet products are various in size and powerful. It can not only meet the needs of general office households, but also be suitable for special projects, such as electric vehicle motors. In addition, we not only provide a large number of ready-made magnet products, but also can customize them in small batches to better meet your diverse needs.

What can a magnet attract? (What can a magnet attract? )

Second, the magnetic force: important indicators, the key to use

Magnetic force is one of the important indexes of magnet products, and it is the ability of magnet materials to attract other substances. The strength of magnetic force is closely related to the physical properties of magnet materials, and is influenced by factors such as the size, shape and technology of magnets. At the same time, it is also influenced by external environmental factors, such as humidity, air pressure and temperature. Therefore, when choosing magnet products, you need to choose the magnetic force that suits you according to the actual demand.

What can a magnet attract? (What can a magnet attract? )

In this respect, the magnet products of Sanen Magnetic Industry have higher magnetic force. We use high-quality rare earth materials to make magnet products, which have relatively strong magnetic force, long service life and high durability. In the production process, we strictly control each link to ensure the quality of each product, and conduct a comprehensive test and inspection of the products to ensure that the products can always maintain a good magnetic effect in a high magnetic field environment.

Third, high temperature resistance: stable and reliable, safe to use.

In some special circumstances, especially in high temperature environment, some ordinary magnet products will lose their magnetic ability or even be completely damaged. Therefore, when purchasing magnet products, high temperature resistance has also become an important consideration.

The magnet products of Sanen Magnetic Industry have good high temperature resistance. We use high-quality rare earth materials to produce magnets, which have high stability and durability, and can still maintain good magnetic ability even in high temperature environment. In the production process, strictly control the process to ensure the quality of magnet products. Using our products can make you feel more at ease and improve your work efficiency.

In a word, Sanen Magnetic Industry is a professional manufacturer of magnet products, and its products have passed the internationally renowned AS9100 quality management system certification with reliable quality. With the continuous progress of science and technology, we constantly upgrade and improve our products to provide customers with higher quality magnet solutions. We will, as always, provide customers with the best magnet products and services with high-quality products, high-quality services and honest business commitments, so that customers can develop and grow in a higher field and a broader market.

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