What if the magnets repel each other? )

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Magnets repel each other, which means that two magnets with the same polarity repel each other, which will cause problems in many fields, such as motors and generators. So, how to solve the problem of magnet repulsion? From the perspective of specifications, performance and materials, we suggest the following three aspects for optimization:

First, the specification-modify the shape and size

One reason why magnets repel each other is that the magnetic fields between the two magnets overlap, which leads to mutual repulsion. Therefore, if we can avoid this overlapping phenomenon by modifying the shape and size of magnets, we can effectively solve the problem of magnets repelling each other.

For example, in the motor, we can choose to use the existing birdcage or disk motor instead of designing a motor with different shapes. Another example is that in the application scenarios such as magnetic clamp and magnetic fixation, we can modify the shape and size of the magnet as needed to achieve the best magnetic adsorption effect.

Second, the performance-increase the magnetic force

Increasing magnetic force is also one of the effective ways to solve the problem of magnet repulsion. Increasing the magnetic force of the magnet can reduce the repulsive force of the magnet, and finally achieve the effect of reducing the repulsion of the magnet.

What if the magnets repel each other? )

The magnitude of magnetic force is related to the quality, temperature, environment and magnetic properties of the magnet. Therefore, according to the specific application scenario, we can choose the parameters such as magnetic grade, material and temperature that meet the requirements, so as to achieve the effect of enhancing magnetic force.

Third, the material-improve the high temperature resistance

In some high temperature environments, the conventional magnets will lose their original magnetism, which will lead to the weakening of the magnetic force and fail to achieve the expected effect. Therefore, improving the high temperature resistance of magnets is also an important way to solve the problem of magnet repulsion.

Neodymium magnet is a kind of magnet material with high temperature resistance, which is widely used in automobile, motor, wind power generation, magnetic medicine and other fields. The use of high-temperature resistant magnets can ensure the long-term working performance and stability of magnets in harsh environments.

In a word, the problem of repulsion of magnets can be solved in many ways, and the above three aspects are the most important ones. Through reasonable specification design, increasing magnetic force and improving high temperature resistance, we can effectively solve and optimize the problem of magnet repulsion from many angles. And Sanen Magnetic Industry will also provide you with high-quality, high-performance and diversified magnet solutions. Welcome to inquire!

What if the magnets repel each other? )

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