Packaging protection of long magnetic bar

In order to protect the long magnetic bar from deformation or damage during packaging and transportation, the following are some common packaging protection methods:

1. Moisture-proof paper wrapping: Before wrapping the magnetic bar, wrap its surface with moisture-proof paper to prevent scratches and corrosion.

2. Plastic tube packaging: put the magnetic bar into the plastic tube, and seal both ends of the tube with covers to keep the integrity of the magnetic bar and prevent dust from entering.

3. Use short tube spacing: put several short tubes in the package to increase the distance between the magnetic rods. By increasing the distance, the attraction between the magnetic rods can be reduced, thus avoiding bending and deformation.

These packaging protection measures can help ensure that the magnetic rods remain intact during transportation and removal. In addition, the design and manufacture of long magnetic rods also need to consider the selection of materials, welding and sealing, surface polishing and other factors to ensure their sufficient strength and durability.

Packaging protection of long magnetic bar

Long magnetic rods are usually made of permanent magnet materials, which can adsorb iron impurities without additional energy and are used to purify materials and protect equipment. They usually consist of multiple magnets, which improves the magnetic field strength and adsorption capacity and can effectively adsorb fine particles. In the manufacturing process, the magnetic bar is treated by welding, sealing and surface polishing to improve its corrosion resistance and performance stability.

Packaging protection of long magnetic bar

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