Brief introduction of FeCrCo magnet

Iron-chromium-cobalt (FeCrCo) magnet, a permanent magnet, first appeared in the early 1970s. As an age-hardening deformable permanent magnet, it is mainly composed of iron, containing 20 to 33% chromium and 3 to 25% cobalt. This special alloy composition makes it show unique properties in various applications.

Properties Compared with Al-Ni-Co magnet, FeCrCo magnet shows similar magnetic properties, but it has additional advantages. FeCrCo magnet can be multipolar magnetized in a single plane and has excellent machining ability. This makes them especially suitable for manufacturing small and complex permanent magnets, which are commonly used in telephones, tachometers, micro motors, micro relays and speakers.

Brief introduction of FeCrCo magnet

The Curie temperature of FeCrCo permanent magnets (the temperature at which magnetism completely disappears) is very high, reaching 680℃, and they can still work stably at temperatures as high as 400℃. The reversible temperature coefficient of this material is small, which means that its magnetic properties are very stable at high temperature, which makes FeCrCo magnets very suitable for equipment and components that need high precision and stability.

As a kind of permanent magnet called "transformer", FeCrCo permanent magnet is easy to handle in metal processing, especially suitable for wire drawing and tube drawing, which is incomparable to other permanent magnets. FeCrCo alloy can be made into bars, strips, wires and pipes by cold and hot plastic deformation, and various complex magnetic elements can also be made by cold stamping, bending, drilling and various cutting processes. It can be made into extremely fine wires, the wire diameter can reach 0.05mm, and the thickness of the strip can be only 0.1 mm.

In a word, Fe-Cr-Co (FeCrCo) magnet is a kind of permanent magnet with unique advantages, which can show its excellent performance and diversity in many different applications.

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