Manufacturer of strong magnets (manufacturer of strong magnets)

Choose from a variety of sizes, flexibly meet the needs of different projects, and provide you with a wide range of highly customizable magnet solutions to meet your diverse needs-Sanen Magnetic Industry.

Manufacturer of strong magnets (manufacturer of strong magnets)

I. Specifications and dimensions

Abundance of specifications and sizes

The specifications and sizes of powerful magnets produced by Sanen Magnetic Industry are very rich, which can be customized according to customers’ needs and can also provide standardized products. Our products have different diameters, heights, lengths and widths, and can provide different lengths and widths according to customers’ needs. In addition, we can also customize shapes different from specifications, such as ring magnets, square magnets, round magnets and other special-shaped magnets.

Selection of magnetic strength

Second, the magnetic strength

High intensity magnetic force

The production equipment of Sanen Magnetic Industry adopts international advanced technology, which can produce high-strength magnets with stable magnetic force and can work in different environments, such as high temperature or low temperature, and also has good corrosion resistance.

Suitable for different occasions

Third, the performance brand

High performance magnet

Magnets produced by Sanen Magnetic Industry have many different performance grades, such as N, M, H, SH, UH, EH, AH, etc. Different performance grades are suitable for different occasions. For example, N-class magnets are suitable for industrial use, M-class magnets are suitable for motors and sensors, H-class magnets can be used as magnetic scanners, SH-class magnets are suitable for high-precision crystal components, UH-class magnets are suitable for automobile motors and air-conditioning motors, EH-class magnets are suitable for high-speed computer disk drives, and AH-class magnets are suitable for manufacturing permanent magnet generators of wind turbines.

Leading technology

Fourth, durability

High durability

The magnets produced by Sanen Magnetic Industry have high strength and durability, and can maintain stable shape and magnetic force for a long time. Even in high temperature or high humidity environment, the magnet can operate normally. Therefore, our magnets are very suitable for long-term applications, such as generators, magnetic scanners, wind turbines and so on.

Fully consider the use environment.

Five, high temperature resistance

Manufacturer of strong magnets (manufacturer of strong magnets)

Stability at high temperature

Magnets produced by Sanen Magnetic Industry also have stable performance in high temperature environment and can work normally. Our magnets can work in high temperature environment up to 200 degrees Celsius, and still have high strength and magnetic stability. Therefore, our magnets are very suitable for the field of automobiles or high-temperature equipment.

Excellent performance applied to high temperature facilities

To sum up, Sanen Magnetic Industry, as a manufacturer of powerful magnets, has the following advantages: the richness of specifications and sizes, the choice of magnetic strength, high-performance magnets, high durability and high temperature resistance. Through the continuous innovation of science and technology and excellent research and development strength, we constantly improve product quality and provide better products and services to our customers.

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