The principle of magnets repel each other in the same polarity (repulsion in the same polarity: decryption of the principle of magnets)

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1. Strong magnetic force and small size: selection of magnet performance brand

The principle of magnets repel each other in the same polarity (repulsion in the same polarity: decryption of the principle of magnets)

The magnetic strength of the magnet is directly related to the selected magnetic brand. In a certain size and weight range, the higher the magnetic grade, the greater the magnetic strength. Therefore, when strong magnetic force is needed in a relatively small size range, magnets with high magnetic force brands, such as N52, N50 and N48, should be selected. At the same time, high-quality magnets should be selected as much as possible to ensure long-term stability.

In addition to the conventional magnetic brands such as N, M, H, SH, UH and EH, there are also some super magnetic brands in the market, such as N55 and N60. But the prices of these brands are very high, and it is difficult to find a stable supply channel.

Second, high temperature resistance: choose appropriate materials.

When used in high temperature environment, the magnet may lose its magnetism, reduce its magnetic force or oxidize and rust. Therefore, it is necessary to select materials suitable for high-temperature environment, such as neodymium magnet (maximum working temperature is 200℃) and graphite magnet of high-temperature furnace (maximum working temperature is above 1000℃). In addition, if magnets need to be used in an oxidizing environment, materials with good oxidation resistance, such as Al-Ni-Co magnets, should be selected.

3. Quality, durability and dimensional stability: Choose products from regular manufacturers.

The quality and durability of magnet products are directly related to the technical level, production technology and production management of magnet manufacturers. Therefore, for high-quality magnet products, we should choose the products produced by regular magnet manufacturers. Regular magnet manufacturers are usually equipped with advanced production equipment and technology, which can ensure the dimensional stability of magnet products, and at the same time, they can give sufficient support and guarantee in product transportation and installation.

In a word, to choose a suitable magnet product, we need to comprehensively consider our own needs, use environment, magnetic strength and dimensional stability and other factors. By selecting suitable materials, magnetic brands and products from regular manufacturers, we can obtain high-quality magnet products that meet expectations and improve work efficiency and finished product quality.

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