Works of magnet principle (magnet principle: the mystery of adsorption force)

Flexible response to different projects, highly customizable magnet solution

First, magnetic force-one of the main factors of magnet adsorption.

Magnetic force is one of the main factors of magnet adsorption. When choosing a magnet, it is necessary to consider its magnetic force, that is, its adsorption force. Gauss or Tesla is usually used to represent the magnetic flux density of a magnet, that is, the magnetic induction intensity, and then to characterize its magnetic force. In addition, the shape, magnetic material and manufacturing process of the magnet will also affect its magnetic force and stability.

Therefore, when selecting a magnet, it is necessary to consider whether its magnetic force meets the actual demand, and at the same time pay attention to its stability and durability to ensure its long-term stable operation.

Second, specifications-flexible choice of different sizes

The size of magnets is also very important when meeting the needs of different projects. Magnets can usually be customized according to customer needs, and there are also some common specifications and sizes to choose from.

The selection of specifications and sizes needs to be decided according to the specific project requirements. If a larger magnetic force is needed, it is necessary to choose a magnet with a larger size; If a smaller magnetic force is needed, you can choose a smaller magnet. In addition, for workpieces with special shapes, it is also necessary to select magnets with corresponding shapes to ensure effective adsorption.

Third, high temperature resistance-coping with high temperature working environment

In addition to large magnetic force and flexible specifications, magnets also need to have certain high temperature resistance. In some special applications, such as high temperature working environment, some ordinary magnets are difficult to meet the demand. Therefore, it is necessary to choose magnets with high temperature resistance.

Works of magnet principle (magnet principle: the mystery of adsorption force)

In general, Al-Ni-Co (AlNiCo) and NdFeB magnets have high temperature resistance and can work normally in high temperature environment. Cobalt hydrogen sulfide (SmCo) magnet also has high temperature resistance because of its special chemical properties. Therefore, when selecting magnets with high temperature performance, magnets made of these materials can be given priority.


The mystery of magnet adsorption force revolves around several key factors, including magnetic force, size and high temperature resistance. When choosing a magnet, it is necessary to determine the parameters of the magnet according to the actual demand to ensure its effective operation. At the same time, in order to obtain better functional performance, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturing process and material selection of magnets to ensure their sufficient performance and stability.

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