Is the strong magnet poisonous? )

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I. Specifications and performance of strong magnets

Is the strong magnet poisonous? )

Strong magnet is a very magnetic material with strong magnetic force, which can be used to adsorb various metal objects, adjust the speed and position of motors, and be used in various electronic and mechanical equipment. The size and shape of magnets vary with different application scenarios. Magnets are usually classified according to their magnetic strength. Magnets of different grades have different performances, such as N35, N42 and N52, which respectively represent the maximum energy output at the highest working temperature. Strong magnets have other characteristics, including accuracy, hardness, toughness, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Second, the magnetic force and size of strong magnets

Different types of strong magnets have different magnetic forces and sizes. The magnetic force of a magnet is mainly determined by its size and magnetization mode. At present, strong magnets of various specifications can be seen in the market, such as square, round, cylindrical, spherical, annular, strip and so on. Among them, the most common are square and cylindrical magnets. Of course, in addition to the conventional shape, magnets can also be specially customized according to the needs of the use scene to ensure that their size and magnetic force meet specific requirements.

Third, the quality and durability of strong magnets

The quality and durability of strong magnets are important factors affecting its effect. Some bad production processes and inferior raw materials will lead to the decline of the quality of strong magnets. And high-quality strong magnets have excellent stability and durability. In addition, strong magnets may wear and fall off during use, affecting their adhesion. In order to prolong the service life of the strong magnet, it should be placed in a dry and protected area to ensure that there is no substance and dirt on the surface of the magnet.

Is the strong magnet poisonous? )

Four, high temperature resistance of strong magnet brand

Strong magnets usually need to operate in high temperature environment, so they must have good high temperature resistance. At this time, you can choose different brands of strong magnets according to your needs. For example, NXB-8 and NXB-10 can still work at 150°C, while N49 can still remain magnetic at 230 C.. Standards N33, N35, N38, N40, etc. can all work at 80 to 100°C for a long time.

5. Is the strong magnet poisonous?

The strong magnet itself is a non-toxic and harmless material, but some toxic components, such as lead and mercury, may be used in the preparation process. Therefore, if the strong magnet material exceeds the safety limit, it may have a potential impact on human health. Therefore, when producing and using strong magnets, appropriate safety measures should be taken, including wearing personal protective equipment such as protective gloves and respirators, to ensure the safety of production and use.

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