Ideal choice for working at high temperature: stability and reliability of Al-Ni-Co magnet at extreme temperature

Al-Ni-Co magnet is a magnetic material with excellent temperature stability and can be used at extremely high working temperature. Compared with other magnetic materials, Al-Ni-Co magnets have higher remanence and lower coercivity, and are more resistant to crushing.

Al-Ni-Co magnets are manufactured by casting or sintering process. Through the casting process, complex shapes can be manufactured, which cannot be achieved by other permanent magnet manufacturing technologies.

ALNiCo permanent magnets are widely used in situations that need to withstand working temperatures as high as 1000 F (540 C). In contrast, Sm-Co magnets can operate at temperatures as high as about 600 F (315 C), while Nd magnets are limited to about 600 F (315 C)/250 F (120 C).

The design, engineering and manufacture of Al-Ni-Co magnets involve the following aspects:

Magnet design and engineering: provide customized technical design, engineering design and customized manufacturing services for Al-Ni-Co magnets and magnetic components, from prototype to small and medium-sized batch production.

Internal production facilities: We have well-equipped internal manufacturing and production facilities and a dedicated assembly area equipped with clean rooms, which can provide complete delivery solutions, shorten delivery time, improve quality level and reduce costs.

Quality planning and assurance: We use advanced equipment for all-round inspection and testing to ensure that the products we deliver meet strict industry standards and customer specifications. We continue to develop advanced quality management system to meet current key standards and exceed customers’ expectations.

Manufacturing process and engineering advantages: The manufacturing of Al-Ni-Co magnets involves complex process and engineering technology. We have an experienced engineering team that can design, optimize and control the manufacturing process of magnets. We ensure the performance and stability of each Al-Ni-Co magnet through precise process parameters and quality control measures.

Wide range of applications: Al-Ni-Co magnets are widely used in many fields. They are used in motors, generators, sensors, measuring instruments, audio equipment, magnetic suction cups and other applications. Its temperature stability and excellent magnetic properties make it the first choice for many high-temperature and special environments.

Customized solution: We can provide customized Al-Ni-Co magnet solutions according to customers’ specific requirements. No matter the shape, size or magnetic requirements, our engineering team can cooperate with customers to design and manufacture the most suitable magnet products for their applications.

Quality assurance and testing: We pay attention to quality management, and ensure that each AlNiCo magnet meets high standards through advanced testing equipment and strict quality control procedures. We carry out comprehensive inspection and testing, including magnetic testing, size measurement, temperature stability testing, etc., to ensure the stability and reliability of products.

Through the above advantages and capabilities, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable and customized Al-Ni-Co magnet solutions. No matter the application in high temperature environment or the demand for special performance requirements, we can provide customers with satisfactory products and services.

Please feel free to contact us if you have more questions or need further consultation on the design, manufacture or application of Al-Ni-Co magnets. Our professional team will wholeheartedly provide you with support and answers.

Ideal choice for working at high temperature: stability and reliability of Al-Ni-Co magnet at extreme temperature

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