What’s a powerful magnet for?

Flexible response to different projects, highly customized magnet solutions

Magnet is a very useful material, and its powerful magnetic force makes it widely used in industry, medical treatment, scientific research and other fields. In these fields, the specification, size, quality, durability and high temperature resistance of magnets play a vital role. In San ‘en Magnetic Industry, we provide a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different projects, and at the same time we can provide highly customized magnet solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers.

What's a powerful magnet for?

First, strong magnetic force

First of all, the magnetic force of a magnet is one of the important factors that determine its performance. Our magnets are made of high-quality rare earth magnets, and their magnetic force is stronger than that of traditional ferrite magnets. We provide a variety of magnets with different specifications, which can provide different strengths of magnetic force according to customers’ needs, making it convenient for customers to choose according to their needs.

Secondly, in terms of magnetism, we also have a technology: magnetic field gradient. Magnetic field gradient refers to the speed of magnetic field change, which can be used to control the action range and effect of magnets in application fields. Optimization of magnetic field gradient can provide customers with more flexible and accurate magnet solutions.

What's a powerful magnet for?

Finally, our magnets have undergone rigorous tests and experiments, and can maintain strong magnetic force in extreme environments (such as high temperature and low temperature), ensuring that they can work stably for a long time.

Second, the size customization

Size is one of the most important considerations in every project, which is also one of the advantages of our customized magnet solution. Our magnets have various specifications, including various diameters, lengths, heights, widths and shapes. We can customize magnets with the required size according to customers’ project requirements to meet their specific requirements.

In addition, we can also provide customers with special processing services such as cutting and drilling to ensure that the magnets fully meet the design requirements of customers.

Third, durability and high temperature resistance

In many applications, magnets need to withstand long-term use and high-temperature environment. In these cases, durability and high temperature resistance are particularly important.

Our magnets are treated by special technology, and their durability is better than that of traditional magnets. At the same time, we adopt high-quality materials and production standards, so that our magnets can withstand the use in high-temperature environment and maintain their stability and strength.

In short, the strong application of magnets has unlimited potential for innovation. Sanen magnetic industry provides a variety of size choices and highly customized magnet solutions to provide customers with comprehensive solutions. No matter in strong magnetic force, size customization, durability and high temperature resistance, we have excellent performance. We are always committed to providing customers with the best magnet solutions and playing an active role in promoting innovation in the field of magnet applications.

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