Can a high-temperature magnet be used above 200 degrees (high-temperature magnet: can it be used above 200 degrees? )

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I. Specifications

High temperature resistant magnets are usually made of rare earth magnets or ceramic magnets, which can withstand temperatures as high as 200 degrees or higher. Rare earth magnets have strong magnetic force and are suitable for a variety of high-temperature equipment, while ceramic magnets are more fragile but more economical. In addition, the size and shape of high temperature resistant magnets are also different, which can be customized and manufactured according to needs.

Second, the high temperature performance brand

The common brands of high temperature resistance of rare earth magnets are N38EH, N33AH, N40, N42 and so on. These performance grades correspond to different characteristics and uses respectively. For example, N38EH magnet can resist high temperature up to 200 degrees, and its magnetic field strength is high, so it is suitable for motors, power tools and other equipment in high temperature environment.

Third, durability

High temperature resistant magnets have very high durability. In use, high-temperature resistant magnets are not easy to age and demagnetize, and are also not easy to be affected by environmental factors, such as humidity and corrosion. Therefore, the high-temperature resistant magnet can operate normally in various harsh environments, and the service life and reliability of the equipment are improved.

Recommendation 1: The performance brand should match the use environment.

Choosing the appropriate high-temperature resistance brand according to the use environment and working requirements of the equipment can improve the service life and stability of the magnet. For example, for some motors that need to be exposed to high temperature frequently, rare earth magnets with high high temperature resistance can be used to ensure the long-term and efficient operation of the motor.

Recommendation 2: Try to avoid overloading.

Can a high-temperature magnet be used above 200 degrees (high-temperature magnet: can it be used above 200 degrees? )

Although high-temperature resistant magnets have strong magnetic force and stability, overload operation often weakens or loses the magnetic field of magnets. Therefore, in practical use, overload operation should be avoided as far as possible to prolong the service life of magnets. In addition, during debugging and maintenance, it is also necessary to pay attention to avoid excessive wiping or collision and avoid damage to the magnet.

Recommendation 3: Pay attention to the storage and transportation of magnets.

When storing and transporting high-temperature resistant magnets, it is necessary to avoid long-term moisture, exposure and collision to ensure the integrity and stability of magnets. Especially in the process of transportation, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to prevent the magnet from being damaged by external force or weakened by magnetic force. In addition, it is also necessary to avoid placing or carrying magnets with magnetic objects to avoid the influence on magnets.

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