Can magnets repel each other and attract iron? )

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Can magnets repel each other and attract iron? )

Powerful magnetic force

Magnet is a special material with strong magnetism. Magnetic force is a physical quantity used to measure the strength of magnet interaction. When magnets repel each other, two North poles or two South poles will push away from each other, because they have the same magnetism. However, when magnets attract each other, a north pole and a south pole will attract each other because they have opposite magnetism. Magnetic strength is one of the important indicators of magnet quality, and a high-quality magnet should have strong magnetic force.

Accurate size

Can magnets repel each other and attract iron? )

In practical application, the size of the magnet is also very important. Because when designing magnets, we need to consider the effects of magneto-optics, including analyzing the distribution of magnetic field and the distribution of magnetic field intensity. Therefore, the size of the magnet must be accurately measured and manufactured to ensure the stability and reliability of the magnet.

high-temperature resistance

In some special circumstances, magnets need to be able to withstand high temperatures. For example, in some manufacturing industries, the temperature may exceed the maximum working temperature of magnets. If magnets cannot withstand high temperatures, then they cannot be used to manufacture these products. Therefore, high temperature resistance is an important part of magnet quality.

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