Shapes and types of Al-Ni-Co magnets

Al-Ni-Co magnets (Alnico magnets) have many shapes and types to meet the needs of different application scenarios. For example, you can find them in toys and electric guitars. Different shapes of Al-Ni-Co magnets are usually formed by sintering or casting, in which casting is the most common manufacturing method. The following are some different shapes and types of AlNiCo magnets:

1. Magnetic bar:

Shapes and types of Al-Ni-Co magnets

Magnetic rods are often used in scientific experiments in schools, such as demonstrating magnetic fields. Because of their small polar areas, their magnetic force is weak, but they are also the most common shapes. They are widely used, such as in automation technology, metal separation and fixed objects.

2. Cylinder:

Cylindrical magnets are often used in sealing elements, sensors, coin collectors and guitar pickups. In applications such as speakers, actuators and motors, alnico magnets are used to achieve the required magnetic flux density. Sometimes, because of its high strength and adjustable ability, cylindrical magnets are applied to medical equipment.

3. U-shaped magnet:

U-shaped magnet, also known as horseshoe magnet, has high stability because its magnetic poles point in the same direction. According to their magnetic force, they can be used to adsorb metal objects of various sizes.

4. Ring magnet:

Shapes and types of Al-Ni-Co magnets

A ring magnet is round with a hole in the middle, sometimes called a doughnut magnet. The position of the North Pole and the South Pole depends on the polarization mode of the magnet. Generally speaking, half of the magnet faces north and the other half faces south. Some polarization methods will produce magnets that are divided into one quarter or one eighth. Ring magnets are often used in scientific experiments and medical applications.

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