Installation method of strong magnet hook (strong magnet hook: installation skills)

In the field of home decoration and industrial production, strong magnet hook has become a common tool. Not only can it help solve the problem of placing articles, but also it can realize the fixation by magnetic adsorption. It is very important to choose a high-quality strong magnet hook, because it can not only help solve the problems that need to be hooked, but also provide durability and stability to ensure that items are not loosened by magnetic hooks. Below, we will share the key selection factors and suggestions on the installation skills of the powerful magnet hook.

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First, the magnetic force

One of the most important factors of strong magnet hook is magnetic force. It must be able to hold the object firmly in place and take it off easily when it is not needed. When choosing a strong magnet hook, it is important to find a product with sufficient magnetic force without damaging the article. Generally speaking, the magnetic force is divided into two parts, the outer diameter and the inner diameter of the magnet. The smaller the outer diameter magnetic force is, the greater the inner diameter magnetic force is. Therefore, it is necessary to flexibly select a suitable size magnet hook according to the actual situation.

Suggestion: When choosing a strong magnet hook, you can search for optional equipment in your local market or on the Internet. Ensure that the quality of the product is authentic and the magnetic force is strong enough to exceed the normal hook or hook, so as to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.

II. Specifications and dimensions

Installation method of strong magnet hook (strong magnet hook: installation skills)

When choosing a strong magnet hook, you also need to consider the specifications and dimensions to ensure the size of the loaded items. If it is often necessary to use hooks to hang and load heavier items, then choose large-sized hooks to support the weight of the items; And if you need to install in a small space, then choose a small hook to save space.

Suggestion: When choosing specifications and sizes, please carefully check the product specifications of the powerful magnet hook to ensure that the size of the hook is suitable for the items you need to mount. Some vendors also allow custom colors and shapes.

Third, material quality and high temperature resistance

Material quality and high temperature resistance are very important considerations when choosing a strong magnet hook. The main hook materials for powerful magnets usually include NdFeB, nickel and cobalt. NdFeB is a very powerful magnetic material, and its permanent magnetic ability is very high. Cobalt and nickel are important alloys, which can increase the strength and durability of the hook. When choosing NdFeB as the hook material, it is also necessary to check its high temperature resistance.

Suggestion: When choosing NdFeB as the hook material, it is best to choose NdFeB material that can withstand high temperature. This material is especially suitable for occasions where it needs to be used in high temperature and high humidity environment.

In a word, choosing a high-quality strong magnet hook can help you solve the hook problem better and provide good stability and durability. By accurately selecting factors such as magnetic force, specification and size, material quality and high temperature resistance, you can ensure that the strong magnet hook you choose has excellent performance and function. Whether you use it in home decoration or industrial production, you can get satisfactory results.

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