Principles of Magnets Children’s Science (Principles of Magnets, Exploring the Mysteries of Magnetism)

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I. Type selection

Magnets can be divided into permanent magnets and temporary magnets. The magnetic field of a permanent magnet will not disappear, while a temporary magnet can only generate a magnetic field when a current is applied.

The advantage of a permanent magnet is that it always maintains its magnetic strength and can continue to be used even when there is no power supply, such as power failure.

The main advantage of temporary magnet is that its magnetic strength can be controlled and adjusted as needed, so it is more suitable in some specific situations.

Principles of Magnets Children's Science (Principles of Magnets, Exploring the Mysteries of Magnetism)

Second, the magnetic strength

Magnetic strength is an important index to measure the performance of magnets, which is usually expressed by magnetic flux per unit area. The strength of magnetic force depends on the material, size and geometry of the magnet.

The magnetic strength of the permanent magnet will not decay, and it can remain relatively stable. It is very suitable for some special applications with high requirements within the service life.

The magnetic strength of the temporary magnet can be adjusted at any time, which is very practical for applications that need to dynamically control the magnetic strength, such as electromagnetic induction and motors.

Third, durability

The durability of the magnet is an important factor to consider whether it can maintain its magnetic strength stably for a long time, which mainly depends on the material and manufacturing quality of the magnet.

Magnets with good durability can keep their magnetic strength stably in the service life, while magnets with poor durability will weaken with the increase of service time.

Therefore, when selecting magnets, it is necessary to choose products with good durability and guaranteed manufacturing quality in order to achieve better use effect.

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