Characteristics of Magnets Class Teaching Plan (Magnets: Unbelievable Adsorption)

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First, a strong magnetic force

As one of its most important properties, the adsorption force of magnet provides a basic guarantee for its application. Ordinary magnets generally only have a magnetic field strength of several hundred gauss, while some high-performance magnets, such as permanent magnet materials, Al-Ni-Co-Fe, NdFeB and so on, can reach a magnetic field strength of several thousand gauss. These magnets have extremely strong adsorption force, and their application scenarios are also very extensive.

For example, in industrial production, it is often necessary to use large machines and equipment to process various materials. These machines and equipment usually need to use a large number of magnets to assist in completing the work. Without the support of strong magnetic force, these machines and equipment will not work normally.

Besides, magnets also play an extremely important role in daily life. For example, they can be used to make various toys, gadgets and household appliances.

Second, highly customizable size

As one of the important parts of its application range, the size of magnet needs to adapt to the specific needs. In the market, there are many different specifications of magnets for consumers to choose from, including size, thickness, shape and so on.

Different application scenarios require different magnet sizes. Some scenes need small and exquisite magnets, such as those used in mobile phones, while others need larger magnets. For example, in electromechanical equipment such as motors, transformers and generators, large magnets are needed to provide powerful magnetic fields.

In addition, the shape of the magnet is also very important. Magnets on the market can be round, long, or more complex geometric shapes. Therefore, when choosing a suitable magnet, various factors such as its size and shape need to be fully considered.

Third, excellent quality

The material and manufacturing technology of magnet directly affect its performance and quality, and it is also one of the more important factors to consider when selecting magnets.

At present, the mainstream magnet materials on the market include NdFeB, permanent ferrite, Al-Ni-Co and hard iron. These materials have different physical and magnetic properties, and different magnets can be selected according to different application scenarios.

Characteristics of Magnets Class Teaching Plan (Magnets: Unbelievable Adsorption)

At the same time, scientific production technology can ensure the quality and performance of magnets. For example, by adopting advanced production technologies such as arc melting technology and vapor deposition technology, magnets with higher magnet precision and strength can be manufactured.


In a word, the adsorption performance of a magnet is one of its most important attributes, and the size and quality are also the key factors to be considered when selecting a magnet. Choosing the magnet suitable for the application scene can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the high quality of the products. If you are looking for high-quality, high-performance magnets, please contact Sanen Magnetic Industry, and we will provide you with all-round magnet solutions.

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